What Is The Best Eye Mask For Travel?

Easy to lose: They’re tiny and given the majority are black, can easily merge into backgrounds. You need to be disciplined with your organisation if you want to keep your eye mask long term. There’s an easy solution though, buy a few and leave them in various places such as your toiletries bag, bedside table, desk, backpack or if you aren’t travelling solo, give on for your travel partner to look after.

Become reliant on them: You aren’t a great sleeper before you got your mask, but sleep like a baby with one. This could make it tricky for those occasions when you need to sleep but don’t have your sleep mask with you. Easy solution, like above get a few of the favourite eye masks and put them in various place.

Not comfortable: Everyone is going to act differently when you sleep with an eye mask for the first time. A few nights in, you’ll be away laughing if you have the best travel eye mask or not.

Where To Buy An Eye Mask Aside From PersonCare In-flight: Depending on your airline there’s a few ways you might get access to one. By pre-purchasing a comfort pack (budget airlines do this for the extra revenue) You might have one waiting in your seat pre-flight (some airlines – the more establish airlines do this) Ask. You can’t get if you don’t ask (no experience at asking for one) They’re easy enough to find in general stores at the airport. If you want one now, check out your local pharmacies and large retail shops.You might not see them every day, but once you start looking they aren’t hard to find. If you want the best sleeping eye mask for your travels, you’ll likely need to go online. Most of the above brands will only have a couple lower quality eye masks in stock.

What Is The Best Eye Mask For Travel? The best eye mask for long-haul travel or sleeping in your bed is the same. Things To Look For When Buying A Sleep Mask For Travel sits over your eyes nicely while not letting any light in. Just because there’s a cool sleeping mask that looks cute or awesome, doesn’t mean it’s best. doesn’t block your nose ideally it will be washable adjustable straps Note: if the eye mask isn’t adjustable and hurts your head when you take it off, then it’s too tight.

Sleep Mask, PersonCare Silky 3D Contoured Eye Mask Virtual reality and 3-D are two words that are becoming norms in our life. PersonCare have implemented 3-D manufacturing to come with memory foam that’s guaranteed to fit your face to create what they believe is the best sleep mask for travel. The memory foam wasn’t any old foam, it sits in fabric ensuring it is breathable, versatile for all travel situations you end up in, latex-free and hypoallergic. Rather that just a elastic strap, the PersonCare Silky 3D Contoured Eye Mask has velcro straps, with fasteners, for a better fit.

What’s The Best Sleeping Mask For Travel? Still reading, if you are, I’m guessing you are looking for my opinion. Regardless of what you are looking for, these are best eye masks for travel. Purposes solely are rather different. I choose the Purefly mask, I’m a bit of a health nut and like the focus on these qualities in their product. What is the best eye mask for travel for you?