How To Choosing the Right Back Brace?

Many people suffer from lower back pain. Either by heavy lifting at work, or exercise and weight lifting, the lower back ends up affected. If this sounds familiar, there is something to help – a lower back support belt or a lumbar support belt.

Best Lower Back Support Brace for Athletes & Active People This lower back brace for working out is great for maximum support of your spine while also allowing flexibility. Most other athletic back supports make it hard to move around and tend to constrict you from doing your daily activities. Luckily for you, this brace allows you to move, jump, twist, and turn without hesitation.

This lightweight spine alignment device helps give you the pain relief you’ve been looking for. Whether you're an athlete recovering from a lower back strain, or an older man or woman suffering from degeneration of your discs, this brace will help conform to your body, giving you a great deal of reinforcement.

Why is This Back Brace Great for Sports & Working Out? There are several features that make this brace stand out from the rest! Check out the many different features below that help make this the best lower back brace.

Sleek and Slim Design This workout back brace is definitely considered both sleek and slim! It is comprised of a nylon mesh material, making the brace breathable and lightweight. For those who are extremely active, you no longer have to worry about overheating while wearing a back brace. The mesh prevents heat from being trapped inside while you move around. The vertebral brace is less bulky compared to others, making it the best choice for athletes who don’t want their performance to hinder. It also comes in a neutral black color.

Mechanical Advantage Pulley System This brace for active people features the mechanical advantage pulley system, which basically helps to increase the level of compression applied to your lower back region. The pulley is located in the front of your torso, making it easily adjustable with just one hand. The pulley system will help those athletes who may be recovering from injury or even surgery to get back in the game! For those who are experiencing swelling, this is a great component to help reduce inflammation.

Like the idea of the pulley system? We have a wide selection of back braces that come with it! Some of our favorites we suggest include the MAC Plus Lumbar Spine Brace, the Spondylolysis Back Corset, and the Post-op Corset Brace for your Lumbar Back.

Easily Adjust the Fit with One Hand Besides the easy to maneuver pulley system mentioned above, this sports back brace can be quick to remove and reapply. This Spine brace is secured in the front by Velcro straps that are simple to readjust. Depending on the level of compression your specific condition or injury may need, you can tighten or loosen both the brace itself and the pulley system. This feature makes it great for athletes who are trying to ween off the dependability of a brace because they can choose the exact level of compression they would like.

Wear during any Job, Activity, Indoor / Outdoor Hobby, or Sport As mentioned above, this lumbar support brace can be used for many different activities you endure on a daily basis.

Here are some of the functions this athletic back brace can be used for:

Running, jogging, walking, weightlifting, working out, yoga, pilates, dance, gymnastics, and other types of exercise. Extreme sports like motocross, biking, cycling and motorcycle riding or 4-wheeling Team sports such as basketball, tennis, football, baseball, soccer, golf, etc. The water resistant mesh fabric makes this a great back brace for waterskiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, boating, sailing, waterskiing, or other activities where you might get wet.

Manual labor jobs like warehouse workers, factory work, construction, bricklaying, landscaping, plumbing, etc. Hobbies and tasks like gardening, woodworking, carpentry, lawn mowing, moving and lifting, etc. Post back surgery, for example from a compression fracture of the L4 or L5 vertebrae

Spine disorders such as herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, or bulging discs Seniors, elderly or older people will benefit from this support as they are more prone to spine degeneration which may lead to discomfort or pain. And of you have arthritis in your hands, its easy to adjust the compression level tightness of the brace with the pulley handle

Occupations that require frequent standing or lifting heavy objects such as a construction worker, warehouse worker, retail worker, or food services employee (read the 7 proper lifting techniques to avoid straining your back). Check out our lifting back braces with suspenders or our industrial work back brace for more options while lifting! Frequently Asked Questions about the SPINE Sport Back Brace

How do I apply the back brace? While standing in an upright position, hold both of the side panels apart and center the back panel along with your spine, just above the tailbone. Wrap the left side panel to the front then grab the right side panel and position it on top of the left panel to secure it. Next, pull the handle out and away until you reach your desired compression level. Secure the handle by placing it on the fabric.

How do I know what size to get? Using a fabric tape measurer, measure the circumference around your waist at the narrowest part of your torso. The brace fits waist circumferences 25”-50”

Can I wash the brace? To wash the brace, simply use a damp cloth to wipe the brace clean.

Can I sleep in the brace? The lightweight and breathable material makes it comfortable to wear while sleeping, but it’s advised to speak with your doctor before about if you should be wearing a brace for a long period at a time.

Can I workout or exercise in the lower back brace? Absolutely! One of the great aspects of this brace is that it's made for athletes or for those who want to remain active through an injury. Since the brace is completely customizable, you can adjust it according to what activity or sport you may be partaking in. In addition, the lower back brace for running is extremely light and won’t weigh you down!

What conditions does this brace help treat? This brace can be used for many conditions including herniated discs, bulging discs, compression fractures, facet syndrome, and post surgery. This best back support brace can be used for running, jogging, football, basketball, at work, and more.