Gel Beads Eye Mask Cold Pads for Puffy Eyes and Dry Eye

Do your eyes look lifeless and lazy when you come back home after work? There must be times when you get reddish eyes which is caused by major strain on the eyes. Have you ever wondered how to save your sensitive eyes from getting dry and red? Our work is important and so is our eyes. To reduce the risk of major straining on eyes due to computer use we need an ‘eye gel mask’ which can provide ‘eye relaxation’ in a simplest way. This ‘eye mask’ contains ‘eye cooling pad’ that works as ‘coolers for eyes’ as well as heaters, if soaked in warm water. In this section you will see how one ‘eye cooling mask’ can benefit you in lots of ways.

DOES A COLD EYE MASKS REDUCE SWELLING? Applying a soothing, cooling mask to your eyes can help reduce swelling and puffiness. Many masks can be kept in the refrigerator or freezer and taken out when needed. Resting with a cold mask on your eyes for ten to 20 minutes or until the mask no longer feels cool can help reduce swelling. You may also feel refreshed after resting with a cooling mask that contains invigorating herbs such as mint and yerba mate.

DOES AN COLD EYE MASK RELIEVE DARK CIRCLE? We accept the fact that fighting dark circles is a tough task for everyone. ‘Eye gel mask’ limits the appearance of dark circles to a great extent. This ‘eye cooling mask’ soothes the thin layer of skin below your eyes in result of which dark circles gets reduced. They contain green colored cooling gel which not only helps in giving relief to eyes, but also results in reduction of dark circles.

DOES A COLD EYE MASK APPLY FOR RELAXATION? Ease your fatigue by relaxing your eyes with this ‘eye cooling mask’. It must be used either cold or hot depending upon the need, to rejuvenate the blood vessels of one’s eyes. Tension, headaches, burning eyes and any kind of discomfort can be reduced by using this ‘eye mask’. Gel masks can also be a great way to restrain light for a while so that the eyes can rest. It helps in re-gaining the healing energy of eyes that have been avoided for too long.

CAN A COLD EYE MASK SOOTHE THE SKIN? Our face begin to look lifeless after a long day at work or school. The reason behind it is that, we don’t get time for ‘eye relaxation’ in our busy schedule. Dermatologists may advice you a number of medicines or exercises to keep your eyes healthy. But with this ‘eye cooling mask’, you don’t have to take special time out of your hectic schedule. You only need to keep it on your eyes for 30 to 45 minutes while sleeping or before sleeping.