The Best Cooling Neck Wraps for Hot Summer!

When I overheat, my whole demeanor changes. I basically revert back to the adult equivalent of that stompy kid in the toy store. Like it or not, the hot weather is here for a while, and the best cooling neck wraps are infinitely more effective than sticking your head in the freezer. For one, they cool your body much quicker. For another, you can actually leave the house with them.

These devices go by different names: cooling bandanas, cooling scarves, cooling wraps or neck coolers. The name doesn’t change their essence. The main aim of them is cooling the carotid artery. Soak the bandage made of special fabric in water and voila: the said fabric cools you for a few hours with the help of designated polymers. We have already covered cooling towels and cooling vests.

Best Cooling Bandanas We’ll start with the simplest and most universal inexpensive fabric bandanas where the price tags begin at $2 and never exceed $9. No special fluids, ice or freezer are required to use them, you’ll do with the water only. Then some special polymers act as they provide for such bandanas’ cooling property. Your bandana, in turn, will keep you cool for 2-3 hours. The moisture is retained thanks to the fabric’s special texture which distinguishes these devices from regular wet towels. We’ve picked TOP-3 items. The first bandana can absorb much more moisture because of its dense texture and will suit the athletes both in the gym and during long cycling rides. If you need a disposable bandana, which will be thrown out and replaced with a new one without any remorse as soon as it gets worn out, then invest into the second option, as it is quite affordable and of acceptable quality. The third item’s manufacturer used special cooling crystals which absorb even more moisture.

Best Ice Bandanas Some people can’t stand having wet fabric on their neck. They can’t even think of cooling if the annoying sticky scarf should be first removed! Also, the skin becomes damp under the wet wrap and allergies can occur. If this is a true story for you, then regular cooling bandanas or cooling towels won’t suit you, but you’ll probably enjoy an ice bandana. This is one of the few popular goods that should be refrigerated before use.

You needn’t soak an ice bandana. It contains a sealed insert of a special gel that retails the temperature of your refrigerator. You won’t need to squeeze it after use and you’ll forget about the nasty stickiness afterwards. However, from time to time you’ll have to re-freeze the gel plates as their effect lasts for 2 hours only. This might as well be the main drawback.

As for the exterior, it is bulkier. This device doesn’t resemble regular bandanas as the gel plates make it unwieldy so if someone takes a closer look at you, they might think you are wearing some kind of a rubber swimming collar. However, this product is still fine for driving, camping or other activities that do not require you to be dressed up. We’ve picked two devices: a simple Velcro one and a more exclusive designer option.

Velcro Ice Bandana — Ice Wraptor ThermaFreeze Ice Bandana As a rule, drivers or workers tend to disregard fancy design as comfort and salvation from heat are more important for them. This product meets these needs best. How does it work? In a very simple way: all you have to do is load special ice packets in the case and voila, here before you is a straightforward but reliable cooling device.

This ice bandana’s main disadvantage is the necessity to constantly re-freeze the gel packs. Also, it would be difficult to walk around in the streets while wearing such a collar without looking like a freak. Fancy design was sacrificed for the sake of practicality and simplicity.

Long-Strap Ice bandana — Icy cools Ice Bandana Long straps for comfortable wear of this bandana on your neck are its distinctive feature. Several colors are available, including blue, camouflage, gray, pink and red. Yes, the device still looks weird, but at least the manufacturer varied the design a bit.

On the other hand, who would dress haute couture style when going fishing? Most importantly, don’t forget to place spare ice packets in your portable fridge. The functionality is identical to that of the previous item, although the case is made of thicker and softer materials.

A Cooling Collar and a Bandana for Dogs Do you think you are the one who suffers the most from the unbearable heat? Trust us; furry dogs have much harder time with it! We couldn’t neglect them so we found a cooling bandana and a cooling collar for pets. They have been sewn in such a way that they won’t slide off as they fit quite tightly, but at the same time your dog won’t feel discomfort while wearing it.

Cools by evaporation, reducing your body temperature by 3-4 degrees. Helps reduce the risk of heat/sun stroke. Provides temporary relief for headaches/migraines, fever, insect bites, sprains, swelling, minor sports injuries and more. Works to ease those nasty HOT FLASHES. Excellent product for people who suffer with MS. Great for gardening or yard work, hiking, hunting, fishing, concerts, camping, jogging, cycling, construction or many other physical activities. Even nurses have found that the neck wraps would be of great benefit to women in labor and delivery as well. Can also be worn by police, fire fighters and military personnel (check appropriate ordinances and regulations beforehand).