Inflatable Furniture: Budget-Friendly Strength & Style

16 You never know when you might find yourself in need of a seat. Whether you’re looking for comfort for your day on the beach or an extra spot to relax on your camping site, an inflatable couch is a convenient option. Let me help you check out the different features and choose the best inflatable lounger for you!

Why Choose an Inflatable Lounger? There are many situations in which you may desire seating that does not exist. Or perhaps there is seating available, such as beach chairs, but the seating fills up quickly. In cases like that, you want to have an option to ensure your comfort.

Sure you can choose to carry standard style beach or camping chairs. But think about it, they only fold down to a certain point, and they are often heavy and awkward to carry around. With a blow up chair, you can always be equipped with a simple seating option that will most likely enhance your experience

Inflatable air chairs are: Compact and lightweight for carrying and storage. Easy to inflate and deflate. Big enough to share with a friend Compact Storage Size

If you’ve ever seen a picture of an inflatable lounger or seen one on the beach, then you know that they are very big! But don’t be fooled by how big they are blown up. Once they are deflated, they fold down and become compact and neat.

Generally, inflatable couches come with carry bags in the style of string backpacks. Imagine how much easier it would be for you to carry a lightweight, soft backpack compared to a heavy, folded standard style beach chair!

With such compact and easy storage, you’ll be able to head to different locations without any extra struggle. Do you need to walk up and down a lot of stairs to reach a specific beach? No problem. You won’t even remember that you’re carrying a chair as it sits in a string bag on your back!

Not only will transporting your blow up chair be super easy, but you also won’t need to worry about taking up too much space in your car. That means more room for other things like coolers of food and drinks to help you enjoy your time!

Your inflatable couch fits in a soft, string back that can be fit into small spaces for storage without a lot of hassle.

So there are many inflatable chairs available. They all offer the benefits of comfort and easier storage. But what not all of them offer is easy inflation. You want to make sure that you look for chairs with the simplest inflation process!

Why? Because there is no reason to struggle when you can have an inflatable chair up and ready in just a minute or two. With inflatable loungers, all you need to do is hold the lounger up and fill it up with air. If it’s windy then you’re really in luck because it will fill by itself in a matter of seconds! On a day with less wind, it’s still easy to inflate. All you need to do is swing the lounger in one direction to fill it with air. Or you can run a short distance with it, if you prefer. No need to carry and fidget with any air pumps!

Multi-purpose Chair If you choose to use an inflatable lounger, you will find extra value. Using it as a comfortable recliner for the beach or your camping site is a given that you will be happy with. But you will also be able to use your lounger as a water float!Your comfort on land and in the water can be taken care of by this one inflatable lounger. It will create a really flexible experience for you and expand the potential for fun!

Practical Functionality One of the best parts about standard canvas camping chairs is that they usually have cup holders on the arms. But let’s face it, while this is helpful, it’s also a bit limiting. Not much can fit in those cup holders. Inflatable air loungers are ahead of the game with this function. Many inflatable couches come with pockets on both sides. These pockets are created to provide flexibility in what you’d like to keep in them. You can keep your drinks, sunglasses, books, and any other smaller items that you can think of in these pockets. These pockets are a great feature that really add to the functional and practical value of inflatable loungers.

Various Colors and Patterns One of the funnest perks of having an inflatable lounger is that they are available in a large variety of colors and patterns. You don’t need to settle for a muted or undesirable color. You will have the opportunity to express yourself through the color and pattern of your blow up chair. The people around you might just ask to join in on your fun!

PersonCare Luxury Inflatable Lounger Sleeping Bag Sofa It's always nice to lounge around by the pool or on the beach on something comfortable. Many of us brings our lounge chairs, gravity chairs and even a blanket when chilling on the beach or by the pool. This unique product, shown here, is totally different. I will admit...I've never seen anything like this until a video popped up on Facebook. I thought..."how neat!". The video made it seemed so easy to air up, without any air compression or special equipment. I knew I had to have one of these!

The PersonCare Luxury Inflatable Lounger Sleeping Sofa Bed is perfect for the beach, park, swimming, BBQ get-togethers or any outdoor activities. Just hold the bag, open end against the air for 10 seconds and the bag is said to inflate. There are two's best to fill one opening up with air, close that end and then fill the other end. Once slightly filled with air, you then roll the bag until fully inflated and secure it with the attached clips. I will tell you, if you over inflate, before securing the bag, the ends that are secured, will more than likely come undone once you sit on the bag. This is because too much air is inside and it has no choice but to come undone or deflate when a lot of pressure is applied to the bag. Overall...I love this bag. At first, it did take some work getting the bag filled up, the I love how big, comfy and unique this lounger is. It's almost like having your own sofa bed with you on the beach or backyard!