Lumbar Back Belt for Low Back Muscle Pain Relief

This brace supports the lumbar spine and reduces strain on your lower back. In addition, the lumbar back belt encourages proper lifting form, which helps prevent lower back muscle injury!

Specifically, this can help treat lower back muscle pain and/or prevent the following conditions:

lower back muscle weakness

pulled or strained lower back muscles

lower back muscle spasms

chronic lower back muscle pain and soreness

Muscle tears


The orthotic back belt for muscle pain is composed of premium-quality elastic that comfortably hugs your body. This material is flexible, allowing for a high degree of movement. This means you’ll be able to treat your pulled back muscle while still going on with your day-to-day life.

The low-profile design of this belt is conducive for a more active lifestyle, fitting easily beneath or over your clothes. The brace can easily be applied, simply wrap it around your waist and secure the contact closures. Contact closures make it quick and easy to adjust the amount of support applied to your lower back muscle, allowing you to control the amount pressure on your lumbar spine. The lumbar strain belt features four-inch double-pull straps for additional sizing adjustment as well as a secure fit. And, because people of all shapes and sizes find themselves in need of lower back muscle pain treatment, this band comes in eight different sizes fitting hip circumferences ranging from 18 inches to 60 inches. For larger sizes, consider our plus size back brace that is available in sizes up to 6XL.This brace is designed to stand up to heavy use. It can be hand-washed as needed using warm water and mild soap. The belt should be air dried.

Key Features of Belt for Lower Back Muscle Strain Treatment Whether you are seeking treatment for back muscle spasms or pain relief for a pulled back muscle, this lumbar wrap is a comfortable, low-hassle solution. Following are details about this product and how it helps back muscle pain:

Industrial belt for back muscle pull treatment and relief for back muscle spasms Reduces stress on the back, resting these tissues so that healing can occur Encourages proper lifting form, helping to prevent/treat a lower back muscle strain Supports the back when one is lifting something Indications: treatment for lower back muscle spasms, lumbar strains/sprains, weak low back muscles, and general low back pain (moderate)

Can also be used to prevent back strain Low-profile belt for lower back pain with muscle spasms Brace to treat back muscle strain is constructed of premium-quality elastic

How Do I Relieve My Lower Back Muscle Pain? An estimated 80% of people experience back problems at some point in their lives, with lumbar back pain being by far the most common. Overuse, underuse, injuries, structural imbalances, tight or weak muscles, degenerative changes and more can also lead to low back pain and muscle spasm. Note that the involuntary contraction of a muscle spasm is actually a secondary response to some other injury. Therefore, lower back muscle spasm treatment involves addressing the underlying cause. Quick treatment for lower back muscle strain and other sources of discomfort is important for preventing the development of chronic low-back pain or recurrent or severe lower back muscle spasms.

Rest for Back Treatment: A period of rest is needed to cure a pulled back muscle. But rest is a relative term—any period of bed rest should be limited and moderate exercise can actually be quite helpful. Of course, one should stay away from taxing activities such as gardening or weight lifting.

Back Brace for Treating Back Problems: Wearing a back brace might also be a component of treatment for a pulled lower back muscle. The added support eases stress on the lumbar spine, giving the back time to recover from strain or stress. But as is the case with bedrest, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. One should only wear a belt for relief of pulled back muscles intermittently—long-term use can actually cause one’s muscles to weaken, leading to additional problems. This lower back belt is the perfect brace for you if you’re suffering from lumbar muscle weakness, pulls or strains, spasms, or chronic back pain.

Exercises and Prevention for Lower Back Muscle Strain: When it comes to how to treat lower back muscle strain, prevention is the best remedy. When lifting heavy objects, it is a good idea to wear an industrial low back belt like this for prevention/treatment of back muscle pain. We also offer a lifting back brace with straps for even more support. Other steps of treatment for back muscle strain include ice therapy to reduce inflammation and/or heat therapy to relax and sooth one’s muscles and joints; the enhanced blood flow can also help to heal a torn back muscle. Wearing a low back brace for ice and cold therapy can simplify this process. Exercising good posture is another component of achieving lower back pain muscle or spine discomfort relief. You can quickly find out if you have good posture here by taking the BraceAbility posture quiz. If you need improvements on your posture check out our brace made specifically for posture correction.

Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is another common approach for longer-term treatment for lower back pain muscle strain. A doctor or physical therapist can recommend lower back muscle strain exercises and stretches to improve the strength and flexibility of one’s core, which is beneficial for reducing stress on the back and preventing another injury. If conservative methods of treatment are ineffective and/or one is experiencing severe lower back muscle pain, surgery may be needed, depending upon the source of your discomfort. After surgery, you may need to wear a postoperative back brace.

How do I know what size to get? Using a fabric tape measurer, measure the circumference around your waist at the narrowest part of your torso. The brace fits waist circumferences 25”-50”

Can I wash the brace? To wash the brace, simply use a damp cloth to wipe the brace clean.

Can I sleep in the brace? The lightweight and breathable material makes it comfortable to wear while sleeping, but it’s advised to speak with your doctor before about if you should be wearing a brace for a long period at a time.

Can I workout or exercise in the lower back brace? Absolutely! One of the great aspects of this brace is that it's made for athletes or for those who want to remain active through an injury. Since the brace is completely customizable, you can adjust it according to what activity or sport you may be partaking in. In addition, the lower back brace for running is extremely light and won’t weigh you down!

What conditions does this brace help treat? This brace can be used for many conditions including herniated discs, bulging discs, compression fractures, facet syndrome, and post surgery. This best back support brace can be used for running, jogging, football, basketball, at work, and more.