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Wonderful if you are engorged or just need a little relief before or after a feed. A breast gel pad provide Hot or Cold use for Nursing Mothers
to decrease Engorgement, encourage Let-Down and increase Milk Production


sale up 50%

Gel Beads Body Hot Cold Wraps

Person Care supply shapes of gel beads wraps for different positions of body relief.

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Hot Cold Gel Wrap for Sport Support-How to Use?

When you have aches and pains, you might reach for an ice pack or a heating pad to provide you with a more comfortable feeling....

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Person Care Tips

Instant Heat Pack Supply Hot Compress for Pain Relief

Instant Heat pack applying heat helps muscles to relax, eases tension, improves flexibility, and helps to increase circulation......

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  • Stephanie Hilton Sales Manager

    Friendly people, an excellent place to order,Very high quality product and packaging. I highly recommend this seller. and we’ve referred many people to come shop with you.

  • Johnny Williams Chief Marketing Officer

    PersonCare is my favorite company.It is delivered very quickly and with a little surprise Wonderful, friendly customer services, customer brand name booking –we will aways do business with PersonCare .

  • Diana Rosie Creative Manager

    Although I personally did not see my product, as it went directly to Amazon FBA, I saw a picture that Alice sent me of my product already packed and ready to use and I think the quality is good. As soon as some units are sold and start receiving Comments, I can update this rating. I also want to emphasize that I am VERY SATISFIED with the attention I received from my representative, Alice Zhang! And I would like to continue been attended by her in my future operations with this Company. Thank you!