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Soothing Cooling Gel Beads Spa Both Pillow With Triple Super Strong Suction Cups

$1.68 - $2.68

PersonCare's Face Eye Mask has openings for your eyes, nose and mouth, and a fully adjustable VELCRO BRAND strap that holds it comfortably in place. Opens clogged sinuses and soothes tender skin. The Eye-ssential Mask even reduces redness and swelling after a brow wax!Doctor-recommended hot/cold therapy.

Item Name Gel Beads Spa Both Pillow
Material 6P Grade PVC+Food Grade Gel Beads
Size 28*18CM,,or Customized
Certificates CE,FDA,SGS,ISO

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  • FITS ANY TUB - There are 2 large powerful suction cups to really grip the surface. The flexible hinge is adaptable to any shape bath tub, spa or Jacuzzi.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - This bath pillow dries quickly and will not attract mold, dirt, or bad smells.
  • LUXURIOUS & COMPACT - This spa pillow is the perfect size to cradle your head and neck. Ultra soft and smooth to the touch with more than 2" of luxurious padded foam.
  • PERFECT GIFT - Give the most comfortable bath pillow on any occasion. A very luxurious gift for mother, father, lover or friends. Great for birthdays, housewarmings, bridal parties etc.
  • REAL RELAXATION - Lying on this spa pillow in the bath, you can achieve real relaxation after working, sports or other activities.
  • Our Gel Beads Spa Pillow is Perfect for:

    Perfectly supports & cradles the neck, head, & shoulders.

    Two Suction Cups on the back for adhering to a slick surface.

    Easy to clean, easy to use. Anti-microbial so resists mold & mildew.

    Lightweight & small enough to take on a trip.


    1.Use them on pillow or bed covering with pillow and bed sheet if needed when you sleep.

    2.Use them in tent when you go camping.

    3.Use them on the seat of car in summer.

    4.Use them for pet cushion.

    5.Use them for Yoga cushion.


    The Cool Gelmat is a patented mat that you place on top of your mattress, or under your sheet, and when you lie on it you will enjoy a virtually instant cooling effect.This is because the unique heat absorbing gel within the mat absorbs body heat, reducing your temperature and allowing you to enjoy a cool, relaxing and comfortable night’s rest.

    How to use:

    1.Place the Cool Gel mat on top of your mattress or pillow.

    2.No need to refrigerate the cool gel mat.

    3.Adjust the temperature by adding layers of sheets or covers until it becomes comfortable for you.

    4.When the room temperature of the cool gel mat increases.It is recommended that an hour before you go to bed that you cool the room temperature down temporarily with air conditioning,fan or dehumidifier.

    Warm Tips:

    1.Never freeze the cool gel mat.Freezing may damage the cool gel mat and cause cold injuries.

    2.Do not fold or store the cool gel mat immediately after use.

    3.We can supply good products and service to you.

    4.We have 16 years experience on exporting and manufacturing cold/hot products.

    5.Being close to Shanghai port, we can always find the earliest shipment at the lowest cost to ensure in-time delivery.

    The hot& cold breast therapy features advanced gel beads which can heat quickly and evenly and keep hot&cold longer. Add it to cart Now and get today’s super discount.

    1. Admin 3 months ago Reply

      PersonCare is my favorite company.It is delivered very quickly and with a little surprise Wonderful, friendly customer services, customer brand name booking –we will aways do business with PersonCare .

      1. Admin 3 months ago Reply

        Friendly people, an excellent place to order,Very high quality product and packaging. I highly recommend this seller. and we’ve referred many people to come shop with you.

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