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PersonCare's The PERFECT Cooler Bag (1) Collapsible, (2) Sturdy with Long Handles, (3) Looks Great, (4) Cleans Easily, (5) X Large for Family Shopping. We know life is busy and you can always use extra help. Creative Green Life bags are designed to be used throughout your busy day, taking you from the grocery, to social meet-ups, to school functions, and home again day after day. Makes a great gift for friends and family!

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  • EXTRA LARGE. Perfect for large family sized packages, fresh produce, meat, drinks, and more. Great for SCAN, BAG & GO shopping.
  • DURABLE – Made from heavy weight 150 GSM non-woven,polyester or nylon cloth fabric, aluminum covered thermal insulation, and featuring a reinforced dual tab zippered top. Super strong construction easily supports 30+ lbs. and is built to last.
  • EXTRA LONG HANDLES – Featuring extra-long 150 GSM cloth handles so you can easily carry the set or loop over your shoulder. Handles are sewn down the length of the bag for extra strength.
  • CONVENIENT – Flexible fabric sides accommodate odd shaped items. Folds flat for easy storage in your kitchen, under the car seat, or in your trunk. Smooth sliding zippered lid keeps items from falling out. Easily wipes clean as needed.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Transport or carry all your hot or cold items! Great for frozen groceries and produce. Makes an ideal food delivery bag. Keep in your trunk for the supermarket, general shopping, farmers markets, picnics, camping, boating, or as a trunk organizer.

    Cool on the inside, hot on the outside! Instead of rummaging for your old, tired cooler at the back of the closet, choose this one. Its zipper closure keeps drinks, sandwiches, and fruit fresh. Plus, Planet E promises that it will be the most stylish cooler on the beach or at your store!

    Easy Care

    Care instructions are very simple; please use a damp cloth and spot clean only. We recommend drying them flat on a clean surface

    Because the environment is important to us

    To make the collapsible box, we use PET, also known as Polyethylene Terephthalate. It’s one of the most common forms of plastic in the world, and it is recyclable – it is the most recycled plastic in the world. It is safe, strong, lightweight and flexible, which makes it ideal for plastic packaging, water bottles or… bags! So not only are our bags recyclable, but we use recycled bottles and other plastic products to manufacture them. Better products for greener results!

    A rigid frame

    Its rigid frame, its reinforced bottom and sides keep the cooler upright, rendering the storage process as easy as it gets.The hard-bottom is easy to lift so you can fold it in a breeze.

    Folds flat

    The issue with regular coolers is the space they take when unused. Problem solved with the collapsible cooler: fold it and stash it wherever you want in a few seconds for a lifetime of peace!

    Perfect for every occasion

    The collapsible cooler is obviously ideal for grocery shopping, but it’s also perfect for day-trips at the beach or picnics at the park! No matter where you go, the collapsible cooler is the perfect companion to have by your side!

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    Item Name Insulated Cooler Bag
    Material Non woven,Polyester,Cotton,Canvas,Nylon
    Size S, M, L, XL, XXL,or Customized
    Certificates CE,FDA,SGS,ISO,BV,MSDS


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